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Daishizen no Majuu Bagi / 大自然の魔獣 バギ / Bagi, the Monster of Mighty Nature 1984
Daishizen no Majuu Bagi 1984 864p BluRay x264 AAC-Shiniori
[Image: 1el0ok1.jpg]

English Introduction

Quote:Ryo is sent out by the people of a village to kill the monster which has been attacking the villagers. It is rumored that this monster is a cat-woman named Bagi. As Ryo waits for the monster to come to its watering hole, he thinks back to how he first met Bagi as a kitten who learned how to write, and later reenters his life on a quest to discover who and what she really is. But now she has gone wild, and as the time of her arrival approaches, he strengthens his resolve to kill her.

PHP Code:
General          A:\Daishizen no Majuu Bagi 1984 864p BluRay x264 AAC-Shiniori.mp4
MPEG-4 at 5 164 kb/s
2.46 GiB for 1 h 24 min 48 s 125 ms

#0          : AVC at 4 897 kb/s
Aspect            1152 x 864 (1.330at 23.976 fps

#0          : AAC at 256 kb/s
Infos            2 channels48.0 kHz

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